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Fernando IX University

Ps 200: General Psychology 

The fundamental conditions and facts of thought and behavior, including the physiological basis of behavior, personality, emotions, feelings, sensations, learning, habit formation, memory and perception.

Ps 203: Human Growth & Development 

Study of developmental patterns from prenatal period through senescence.

Ps 303: Social Psychology 

Influence of social forces on a person's perception of himself, others and the world around him. The interaction of thoughts and attitudes, including how and why we conform, persuade, help and discriminate.
Prerequisite: Ps 200.

Ps 304: Experimental Psychology 

Introduction to problems and methods of experimentation in psychology and critical treatment of content and methods; the logical and scientific basis of experimental psychology. An introduction to standardized tests used in psychology and the statistical basis for standard scores. Scientific procedures and research findings in areas of psychophysics, sensory processes, learning modification and complex processes.

Ps 402: Clinical Psychology 

The history of clinical psychology, including a survey and critique of the major theories and therapeutic procedures currently used in dealing with the problems of human adjustment and behavior. Focuses on arriving at a biblical view of the diagnosis and treatment of problems.
Prerequisite: Ps 450.

Ps 450: Abnormal Psychology 

The history of the theories and classifications of abnormal behavior. Includes extensive coverage and critique of the DSM-the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
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